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VIDEO: BBC News reporter John Maguire on Gamesley Community Centre

11 March 2024

VIDEO: BBC News reporter John Maguire on Gamesley Community Centre

BBC's John Maguire returned to Gamesley yesterday to follow up on his previous visit in February, when he filmed a report about the imminent closure of their community centre, which aired on BBC Breakfast.

He chatted to volunteers at The Hangout Club about what the future may hold for the club, and others that rely on the community centre as a hub for local children, their families and the wider community.

Since his visit Gamesley Community Centre has received a three month extension on the closure notice, giving community groups valuable time to work together to try to come up with a solution.

High Peak TV asked John if he could share his thoughts on the situation, and what it means to people in Gamesley. He told us he hoped the centre could continue to be used by the local community and be run by a community group.

John's follow up report is expected to be aired on BBC1 Breakfast next week.

This video has subtitles for your convenience.

To support the Hangout Club please visit where you can make a donation. Your donation will make a difference to children and families in Gamesley and the wider Glossop area.

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VIDEO: Jon Pearce on Gamesley Community Centre

26 February 2024

High Peak TV spoke to Jon Pearce, Labour's parlimentary candidate for High Peak, to find out what he has to say about the sudden announcement to close Gamesley Community Centre on 31 March.

He told us the actions of Derbyshire County Council are "simply unacceptable" and that they had planned to demolish the community centre as long as eighteen months ago.

Jon said if they gave the community more time he is confident a solution can be found.

This is part of a longer interview we filmed for a separate video about the community centre we hope to publish later this week.

This video has subtitles for your convenience.

Sign the petition to save Gamesley Community Centre:

Donate to their crowdfunder:

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VIDEO: Gamesley Community Centre - SAVE OUR CENTRE

12 February 2024

High Peak TV were invited to Gamesley Community Centre by Helen Thornhill from Move More - Glossop to meet the volunteers and attendees of the Gamesley Community Youth group, which is under threat since receiving sudden notice of closure by Derbyshire County Council.
We spoke to Helen, one of a team of dedicated volunteers who organise clubs and activities at the centre, local artist & volunteer Deggy and volunteer Dawn Stevenson to hear what they thought about the situation.
Also in attendance was a team from BBC Breakfast who were filming a piece on the youth club, which should air tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.
This video has subtitles for your convenience.
To sign the petition to save Gamesley Community Centre visit:

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VIDEO: Save Gamesley Community Centre

6 February 2024

An emergency meeting was called last night (5 Feb) after the sudden announcement of the closure of Gamesley Community Centre, near Glossop in the High Peak.

The announcement from Derbyshire County Council came without warning, explanation or consultation and is a massive shock to the local community who rely on the centre as a youth club, a boxing school and for many other community projects.

They have been given a closure date of 31 March, giving less than two months notice to vacate the centre.

In attendance were Councillor Damien Greenhalgh, Labour & Co-operative Councillor in Glossop & Deputy Leader of High Peak Borough Council, Jon Pearce for High Peak, the Labour Party's parliamentary candidate for High Peak, Helen Thornhill from Move More - Glossop, Edward Siddall from Glossop and District Round Table, Anthony Mckeown, Leader of High Peak Borough Council and Dawn Stephenson, volunteer at the youth club.

Thanks to Deggy for attending and sending us footage from the meeting. Deggy is a local artist who runs spray painting workshops at the centre.

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2 Jun 2020

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