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Local News from High Peak TV:

VIDEO: Jon Pearce on Gamesley Community Centre

26 February 2024

High Peak TV spoke to Jon Pearce, Labour's parlimentary candidate for High Peak, to find out what he has to say about the sudden announcement to close Gamesley Community Centre on 31 March.

He told us the actions of Derbyshire County Council are "simply unacceptable" and that they had planned to demolish the community centre as long as eighteen months ago.

Jon said if they gave the community more time he is confident a solution can be found.

This is part of a longer interview we filmed for a separate video about the community centre we hope to publish later this week.

Sign the petition to save Gamesley Community Centre:

Donate to their crowdfunder:

This video has subtitles for your convenience.

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VIDEO: Gamesley Community Centre - SAVE OUR CENTRE

12 February 2024

High Peak TV were invited to Gamesley Community Centre by Helen Thornhill from Move More - Glossop to meet the volunteers and attendees of the Gamesley Community Youth group, which is under threat since receiving sudden notice of closure by Derbyshire County Council.
We spoke to Helen, one of a team of dedicated volunteers who organise clubs and activities at the centre, local artist & volunteer Deggy and volunteer Dawn Stevenson to hear what they thought about the situation.
Also in attendance was a team from BBC Breakfast who were filming a piece on the youth club, which should air tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.
This video has subtitles for your convenience.
To sign the petition to save Gamesley Community Centre visit:

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VIDEO: Save Gamesley Community Centre

6 February 2024

An emergency meeting was called last night (5 Feb) after the sudden announcement of the closure of Gamesley Community Centre, near Glossop in the High Peak.

The announcement from Derbyshire County Council came without warning, explanation or consultation and is a massive shock to the local community who rely on the centre as a youth club, a boxing school and for many other community projects.

They have been given a closure date of 31 March, giving less than two months notice to vacate the centre.

In attendance were Councillor Damien Greenhalgh, Labour & Co-operative Councillor in Glossop & Deputy Leader of High Peak Borough Council, Jon Pearce for High Peak, the Labour Party's parliamentary candidate for High Peak, Helen Thornhill from Move More - Glossop, Edward Siddall from Glossop and District Round Table, Anthony Mckeown, Leader of High Peak Borough Council and Dawn Stephenson, volunteer at the youth club.

Thanks to Deggy for attending and sending us footage from the meeting. Deggy is a local artist who runs spray painting workshops at the centre.

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VIDEO: Glossop Christmas Lights Switch On

25 November 2023

VIDEO: Glossop Christmas Lights Switch On 2023

In a desperate bid to look important, High Peak TV rocked up at Glossop Christmas Lights Switch On 2023 in Norfolk Square on Saturday (25 November).

We spoke to event organiser Jane Fletcher from J T Events and Megan Elliott from Centre Stage Academy of Dance in Hadfield.

Also in attendance was Santa Clause (representing Glossop Mountain Rescue Team), Cllr. Peter Inman for Sett & Mayor of High Peak, High Peak 1 and Reuben's Retreat.

Enjoy this short video, which has subtitles for your convenience.

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VIDEO: Friends of Victoria Hall, Glossop - Art Exhibition 2023

21 November 2023

Friends of Victoria Hall, Glossop hosted their first mixed-media art exhibition in Glossop on Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 November.

The exhibition featured works from over forty local artists and was held to raise much needed funds to restore Victoria Hall, an historic building that for many years served as Glossop's public library.

It is already home to several local community groups including Glossop Arts ProjectDark Peak Music, Glossop Ukelele Group and The Bureau, and with a full restoration the building would be the biggest capacity venue in and around Glossop with the ability to host large concerts and events in the spacious hall upstairs.

Here's a short video from the event, with short interviews from event organiser Mark Jessop and Cllr. Peter Inman for Sett & Mayor of High Peak, which has subtitles for your convenience.

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VIDEO: Victoria Hall Art Exhibition 2023

19 November 2023

In art news, Friends of Victoria Hall, Glossop are hosting their first mixed-media art exhibition in Glossop on Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 November between 10am and 3.30pm.

The exhibition will feature works from over forty local artists and is being held to raise much needed funds to restore Victoria Hall, an historic building that for many years served as Glossop's public library.

It is already home to several local community groups including Glossop Arts Project, Dark Peak Music, Glossop Ukelele Group and The Bureau, and with a full restoration the building would be the biggest capacity venue in and around Glossop with the ability to host large concerts and events in the spacious hall upstairs.

Here's a short interview with Mark Jessop, event organiser and friend of Victoria Hall, which has subtitles for your convenience.

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VIDEO: Glossop Remembrance Sunday March 2023

19 November 2023

Today High Peak TV popped over to Norfolk Square in Glossop and took a quick phone video of the march.

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VIDEO: High Peak Classic Car Group Lymefield Car Show 2023

30 September 2023

On Saturday morning (30 September) we caught the 341 bus from Glossop to Broadbottom to see the Glossop Rotary 2023 Car Show. High Peak TV were invited along to film the show by High Peak Classic Car Group (HPCCG)

The event was held right next to Lymefield Garden Centre in Broadbottom.

We chatted to Stephen Kimber (founding member of HPCCG), Mike Radcliffe (founding member of Glossop Vehicle Enthusiasts Club) and Geoff Bain from the Rotary Club of Glossop.

Enjoy this short video, which has subtitles for your convenience.

Mike Radcliffe also spoke to us about his 1975 Chevrolet which is dedicated to Manchester City Football Club, and he demonstrated over two and a half minutes of sound effects built into the extravagant car.

If you want to see (and hear) that it's here:

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VIDEO: Wren Nest Mill - stream “in a disgraceful state”

27 September 2023

Thank you to Peter Blake for contacting High Peak TV with his concerns about the stream behind Wren Nest Retail Park in Glossop. He had seen photos on a local Facebook group and according to Peter it is in a “in a disgraceful state”. He asked us to take a look at it, so we grabbed a camera and went to check it out.
We discovered the stream not streaming and ducks walking where they used to be floating. What water is there looks polluted and full of litter.
Our first instinct was to talk to the first person to walk by and ask what they thought. Fortunately, concerned local resident John Lyon was keen to talk about the stream, which is very close to where he lives at Wren Nest Mill, overlooking the area.
John told us he was “appalled by the state it has got into” and said he likes to feed to the ducks there with his grandchildren when they visit. He also mentioned a turtle lives there - he's actually a terrapin called Terry, we did a story on Terry back in 2019 you can read here.

As you can see from the picture, the water looked a lot nicer back then!

terrapin in sunshine on a branch over water in Glossop taken by High Peak TV in 2019
Terry the terrapin back in 2019 in a much cleaner pond

We then went to talk to the people on the construction site for the new McDonald’s adjacent to the stream that is expected to be opening shortly after Christmas. We chatted to site manager Mark Davis who wouldn’t let us film but was happy to show us round the site while he addressed some of the ongoing concerns locals have had regarding the impact of their build on the stream.
Mark explained that their work had not interfered with or intruded onto the waterway, that they had not dug down on 

the site so no existing pipes have been touched or damaged. The site perimeter has in fact been pulled back away from the stream for safety reasons and they had no business outside the perimeter.
On our way home we spotted two workers from United Utilities who were fixing a leak on Glossop High Street. They reassured us that their pipes did not affect the river or stream as they have to be kept separate because the chemicals in our drinking water might kill all the fish.
We asked them who they thought we should ask and they suggested we rang the Environment Agency, which we did. We contacted their press office who could not comment on the situation as they knew nothing about it because nobody had reported it.
We called the Environment Agency incident hotline (0800 80 70 60) and reported our concerns. They took as many details about the stream as we could give them and assured us they will look into it.
High Peak TV are happy that Peter got in touch. It’s been a busy day but hopefully we’ve helped to at least start to get the problem solved.
If you are concerned about an environmental issue, here's where you can go to report it:

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NEWS: Drunken mayor shouts at passers-by from bush & believes he is a hedgehog!
24th September 2023

drunken mayor.jpg
Offended passers-by react to the mayor's unruly behaviour by using rude hand gestures.

Not really, but now that we have your full attention we can report that on 20th Sept 2023 the Mayor of The High Peak, Councillor Inman took part in a Glossop Mountain rescue exercise just off the Snake Pass in Glossop.

On Wednesday night, the team took part in an extra training session where the mayor played the part of casualty.
This exercise showed the dangers of walking/hiking whilst unprepared for the sudden changes in weather and darkness up on the moorlands, which catches many walkers off-guard.

The Glossop Mountain Rescue Team was tasked to search for the mayor in an area off the Pennine Way, near to Snake Summit. The team had to locate the casualty and treat him for any injuries or medical issues.
Once the casualty was located and assessed, he was found to have a suspected lower leg injury. Following treatment, the mayor was loaded onto the team stretcher and carried back to the waiting vehicles at Snake Summit.
The training exercise was deemed a great success, and displayed the extreme professionalism of the Glossop Mountain rescue team.

"I'm a hedgehog!" the mayor screamed - still clutching his right shin in pain, having bumped it on an unexpected coffee-table that had been recklessly discarded on the path.

Thanks to the mayor's office for sending us the photos and asking High Peak TV to raise awareness of the dangers whilst walking the moors.It also highlights the dangers to the mayor of straying too far from the relative safety of Norfolk Square. We just hope he is not too upset by the headline!

"You're not a hedgehog - pull yourself together man!" Came the unsympathetic reply.
The mayor covered his face with his hands in shame...
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VIDEO NEWS: Jean's Beans means business in Glossop

23 September 2023

Saturday September 23rd 2023 saw the opening of Jean's Beans, a brand new coffee shop on Henry Street in the centre of Glossop.

High Peak TV chatted to new owner, Craig Smith and Garry Thomason (Company Director) about the new coffee shop, and some of the work that has gone into the completion of their project.

The 150 year old building - formerly the Curly Cornet - in the heart of the town in The High Peak has undergone an extensive (and expensive looking) renovation over the last year, and has been brought back to life to once again serve refreshments to the people living in and visiting Glossop.

Located less than a 30 second walk from Glossop train station and right next to the bus stops on Henry Street, the little shop is ideally situated for people visiting the town by public transport or locals who commute to and from Manchester on the train.

Just over the road from Norfolk Square, and near local venues, Partington Players Theatre and Crystal Ballroom Glossop, Jean's Bean's was officially opened by Mayor of The High Peak, Councillor Peter Inman, who told us it was great to promote local businesses and said it is "great to be part of High Peak Borough's strategy to develop the High Street over the coming years."

Enjoy this short video, which has subtitles for your convenience.

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VIDEO: Baton Of Hope Suicide Prevention Day in Norfolk Square, Glossop

21 September 2023

On Saturday 16th September High Peak TV were asked to come and film the Baton of Hope Suicide Prevention Day at Norfolk Square in the heart of Glossop. The Baton of Hope is fast becoming the UK’s largest ever suicide prevention initiative, which takes on serious and highly-charged subject of suicide, while at the same time promoting the ocean of hope and optimism at the heart of the mission. Suicide claims around 115 lives a year in Derbyshire alone and affects thousands more lives. It is the largest cause of death among males under fifty years old.

We were invited along to the event by Angela and Andrew Pownall, who have personal experience of loss to suicide in their family, and who now champion suicide prevention in the community.

The event was attended by representatives from local and national mental health & suicide prevention initiatives, as well as representatives from statutory and voluntary emergency services available in Glossop in the High Peak. We chatted with Andrew & Angela, Dr Lesley Surman (advocate for patient and public voice and involvement), Wendy Hutchinson from the Derbyshire County Council mental health & suicide prevention team and Robert Largan (Member of Parliament for the High Peak).

Also in attendance were Councillor Peter Inman, Mayor of the High Peak, and The Georgia Bird Foundation Youth Choir, who sang a number of meaningful songs, including the Baton of Hope Anthem, an inspirational song, which they have had professionally recorded and is available to download from Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify with the proceeds going towards suicide prevention charities.

Everybody there had a message of suicide prevention in Glossop and the High Peak, and they urge the people of Glossop to take the Zero Suicide Alliance online training, which only takes twenty minutes and can be accessed here:

There was also an unexpected flash mob by Fab Choir, but sadly unexpected camera issues left us with no footage of this.

Despite the camera problem, High Peak TV had a great day out - we learned of the importance of taking the Zero Suicide Alliance online training, and we are proud to help spread the important message that suicide is never inevitable, it is preventable, and help is available in our community.

Please share this video, it genuinely could save a life, and if you are affected by anything in this video and want to talk to somebody, help is available from the following links:


Other organisations supporting the event include:

Glossop Fire Station

Bottled Up Blokes

Live Life Better Derbyshire

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide - SOBS

The Bureau, Glossop

Rethink Mental Illness

Derbyshire Mental Health & Suicide Prevention


The Big Lifegroup

Glossop Arts Project

High Peak TV

Fab Choir

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