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Gwyn Ashtos's drum, guitars & amp

The UK-based musician, former Virgin Records France artist and South Australian Music Hall of Fame inductee has toured in over 30 countries. He’s a storyteller who shifts from the personal to the acerbic and belatedly to the introspective, while his acoustic guitar playing is his best ever, illuminating the light and shade of his songs.

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Ain't My Style

Moravian Rhapsody

Waiting Game

She's Lost Her Power

Heart Full Of Soul

Vanish Into Thin Air

Bluz For Roy

12,000 Miles From Home

The Blues Should Take A Holiday

No More

One Way Ticket To The Blues

Take Your Medication

Take Yourself Away

Lonely On The Run

Baby, Please Don't Go

The Price I Gotta Pay

Candy Store

Ain't My Style

Waiting Game

She's Lost Her Power

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