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BBC News reporter John Maguire on High Peak TV
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Our Sponsors

Sponsorship allows us to offer valuable and much needed professional video services to local charities and community projects for free. Because professional video is so expensive it is usually out of reach of the people and projects that need it the most.

We'd like to thank our sponsors below - please take a moment to look them up and consider supporting them like they support us - together we are proud and determined to help our community wherever we can.

Demento66 logo white on black

Please watch this short testimonial video from Claire Theaker, founding member of Demento66.

Demento66 are a not-for-profit live events company based in Glossop.

D66 brings amazing talent into Glossop to perform at different local venues including The Commercial Inn, The Globe and the historic Partington Theatre to date.

Their sponsorship allows us to subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud, giving us access to a whole range of professional editing and titling software including Premiere Pro and After Effects.

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Sue Wilde: Your local Authorised Partner with Utility Warehouse

Helping people to reduce their bills and increase their income.

Sue Wilde: Your local Authorised Partner with Utility Warehouse  Helping people to reduce their bills and increase their income.

Susan Wilde is an authorised partner with Utility Warehouse helping the people of Glossop and beyond reduce their household bills and finding ways to increase their income.

Sue's sponsorship allows us to dual record on camera 2, giving us back up footage just in case a memory card suddenly fails - it's happened before and it's bound to happen again at some point!

To see if Sue can help you reduce your bills visit:

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Carol Midgley: The Norfolk Arms, Glossop

Norfolk St, Glossop SK13 8BP - 01457 851940

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Duncan Wright: Glossop Creative Trust

Supporting the creativity of Glossop.

"Anyone who spends time here will recognise Glossop as a “Vibrant Creative Community”. The aim of the Glossop Creative Trust is to find and develop ways to harness this energy and passion and to use it to support the economic development of the town.

Through our three strands “Nurturing Creativity”, “Transforming Spaces” and “Inviting Ideas”, we aim to identify partners and work with them to enhance the town as

duncan pic (1)-fotor-20240517191329.jpg

a place to live, work and enjoy.

At our heart we are all about enabling people to follow their heart and be creative, so we are delighted to support High Peak TV and in return, we look forward to some great content showcasing Glossop's creative talent!"

Duncan Wright

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Max Taylor: Music Composer & Arranger

Proud to support High Peak TV.

max web07.jpg

Max is a music composer and arranger.

He involved in performing in Matlock & Bakewell, as well as at the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival at Buxton Opera House.


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Sponsor High Peak TV

We love creating videos and we love our community.


In the last year we have become a lot more active and visible in the local community, filming and editing video reports of local news & events in and around Glossop. We regularly record at local music events, promoting Glossop as a place to go for great live music - and we have been creating professional video content for community projects and charities for free. We do these videos for free because we know charities can't afford luxuries like video production, and if we charged them, these important videos just wouldn’t get made.


Our website and our Facebook, YouTube & Instagram pages are now getting a lot more interest and engagement from the local community and our number of followers is growing steadily. We are now being requested to attend and film at local community events and being asked to help investigate and solve local issues like pollution in our waterways and dangerous slippery pavements, for example.


Most recently we have been filming for Gamesley Community Centre, which is under threat of closure by the County Council. We interviewed volunteers from the centre and local politicians and have managed to help secure a three month extension on their closure notice, giving the community groups that depend on the centre some vital time to prepare for the future - whatever it holds.


We have also been asked to provide ongoing video support to the historic Partington Players Theatre in Glossop, who operate as a charity and urgently need funds to maintain the building and keep the venue open as a vital hub for performing arts in our town.


So here's where you come in


With sponsorship we would be able to offer bespoke and detailed professional video content local charities can use in their communications when applying for grants and funding.


We would be able to buy and maintain quality production kit and access the leading, industry standard editing & post-production software.


With a professional website we could host and broadcast news, events and more - and with enough digital memory we could store and archive local stories and events for years to come.


We have long-term dreams of being able to set up a studio locally and offering work experience to young people interested in video production and/or local journalism.


What you get in return


We can offer you a range of benefits according to your budget.


All sponsors will be named on our website, with a description and a link to their website and the option of  a short video clip of you explaining who you are and why you’re supporting High Peak TV - this video will be available to you for your own promotional use. Sponsors names may also appear in video credits and/or written reports where appropriate.


Sponsors with a slightly higher budget will receive all of the above and the option of a bespoke video for your own business or personal use.


Sponsors with a higher budget will receive all of the above plus the option of ongoing bespoke video production packages, ranging in value according to your needs and level of sponsorship.

All packages are negotiable.

Alternatively if you want to sponsor a specific video or event for a one-off donation we can do that too and if you're feeling super generous you might consider buying us something off our Wish List.


Everything we do costs us money and time and we have precious little of both. With sponsorship from people like you we can continue creating essential video content for the benefit of local charities, and the enhancement of our community.


Please contact to find out more!

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